VW North West 14

VW North west at Tatton Park reached 29 years old over the weekend and is still going incredibly strong! The show has always catered for all types of Volkswagen enthusiasts, from the person who thinks a ‘split screen’ would require a call to autoglass through to the sort who could tell you the year and spec of the beetle you were looking at simply by looking at the paint (Or lack there off in some cases!)

 The autojumble and trade stand area was packed from the second we arrived, at 8am there were people grabbing bargains and while the car park was still filling up, you could see others walking back to their car and putting their new parts in the boot (or even fitting them in a couple of cases!!) The size of the trade area never fails to amaze me, and the variety of stuff for sale was as broad as ever, there was one stall selling decommissioned aircraft seats that could be used in the back of an old VW bus if that was the vibe you wanted to go for!


 Not all the traders were selling motor accessories either, you could browse among stalls selling artwork, photos, rare books and models, fashion and official show merchandise to name but a few.

 The concourse area was as massive as always. Each section was broken down into vehicle type and then each variation and classification of that vehicle, from those that were immaculate originals, through to show cars that were highly modified. All the usual suspects were there from old beetles and campervans, to the lesser remembered Karmann Ghias and the custom beach buggies. We spent a good 3 – 4 hours walking around the concourse area talking to the owner and taking in all the details from each vehicle. As with every Volkswagen show, the level of detail and creativity involved was astonishing! If we hadn’t wanted to see the rest of what was on offer, we could have very easily spent the rest of the day at this part alone!

 The other side of the park to the Autojumble was the ‘Cars for sale’ area, early on in the day, you can see a wide variety, form early beetles and campers through to newer Golfs and Polos and everything in between. The eagle eyed might have found themself a true bargain in among these cars, and there were a couple of Bay Window campers that caught our eye, unfortunately though, we couldn’t make the man maths stick and no offers were made! As with all car shows, there were a few very optimistically priced cars on offer as well that puzzled us and also a couple that we felt would make an ideal classic daily drive!


 The rest of the show was filled with Club Stands spanning the decades of all things Volkswagen and Audi… and Porsche, Mercedes, Skoda, BMW… Most things German! The rain held off for the entire day and after lunchtime the wind also died down to allow for a spectacular day out in the sunshine! Scattered in amongst all the Club stands were a range of live bands and children’s entertainment points as well to keep the whole family entertained and give the show a festival vibe and atmosphere. If Volkswagens, particularly old ones are what tickles your fancy, then this is a show you shouldn’t miss next year!

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