Thoresby Classic

It’s a gloomy looking bank holiday Monday morning and the previous day’s activities at Stamford Meadows 11th Round Table classic car show were going to be a hard event to beat, the weather was already against us.

The Thoresby Park classic car show has been running continuously for almost a quarter of a century and has grown from just a handful of stalls and cars to what is supposed to be one of the biggest and best kept secrets in the classic car scene. The editor of Classic Car Monthly even reported the turn out to be “jaw dropping” on one of his visits in the past.

The advertising and reviews from previous years boasted of 1000 plus show vehicles, 50 plus stalls and stand, and in previous years 5000 visitors during the course of the day. With this in mind we decided we would give it a go regardless of the rain because of its history and the fact, in previous years, it’s always been good to see some of these car take on the time attack track around the grounds of Thoresby.

Upon arrival we were greeted by 4 damp looking stewards who didn’t so much as acknowledge us driving through the pay booth never mind ask for any money. This wasn’t a good sign of things to come. Upon parking up, we spotted a few Mk2 Ford Escorts leaving and a couple of VW Camper vans following them.


By the time we had got ourselves down to the main show area, we were looking at a wet field with a random, spread out collection of cars and some very wet looking enthusiasts.

I think it’s safe to say that we were the only spectators at the event, the rest of the people there either owned a car on show, or came with a club who were displaying on the day. The atmosphere wasn’t helped by the commentator who did his very best to keep reminding us that it was raining and that we were getting very wet!

The venue would be a brilliant location for a large show, with plenty of space and the stunning Thoresby Manor as a back drop, it’s just unfortunate that this year, the attendance was really low and the weather was atrocious…Did we mention it was raining?


We didn’t let this stop us spending an hour or so walking around and talking to some of the owners who were there. The Jenson owners club gave us some history on their Jensen C.V8, JFF, Interceptor and GT. The one remaining member of the VW stand showed us around his Karmann Ghia and Camper van he had with him and we chatted to owner of a clean looking Triumph 1300.

Feeling very cold and let down we set off back out of Thoresby and as we got to the car park we were greeted by two lovely looking Mini GTs. They posed for a couple of pictures before speeding off out of the car park in a cloud of tyre smoke and exhaust fumes. These guys made it all worth the trip!

Click here for the full Flickr album.


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