Home Brewed: Mk4 Ford Escort

Over the weekend we met with the owner of a tidy MK4 Ford Escort. It was his first car when he turned seventeen and has been a daily drive on and off for the last 6 years of ownership.

The car has changed a fair bit since it was first purchased. Last year it was taken off the road and underwent a fair amount of body work to have any dents and rust seen too while having a full re-spray in its original red.

The steel wheels have been refurbished in Anthracite and then wrapped in Yoko Prada Spec 2’s and the car has been lowered on a set of Spax coilovers, the result is very OEM+. To the untrained eye, this Escort looks like a non-threatening 1.3-liter work horse, and the roof rack would confirm that theory.


Step Inside though, and there are a few signs that things might not be so simple after all. The original seats have been replaced by a full set of Escort RS Recaros straight off the 80’s and the dash centre console has a few more gauges than you would expect to see in a 1.3.


Pop the bonnet and you will see the original engine has been removed and an RS 1.6-liter turbo unit has replaced it. This car is all about go, and less about the show. You won’t find a polished intake pipe or painted rocker cover in sight because the build has been done with the aim of making a usable fast ford.


As we were talking to the owner he confessed he would like to swap the bottom end of the larger 1.8-litre unit and to tweak the boost level to get more power out of it. He explained it’s a relatively simple swap, only requiring a decompression plate to get the compression ratio right… he makes it sound so simple!



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