Retro Rides Gathering 14

What a brilliant day out! Shelsley Walsh is a venue I am pretty familiar with I knew we were going to be in for a good day out; we just weren’t ready for how good it would be!

The first indication that the day was going to be a big one was when we found ourselves stuck in a queue of traffic. We have never normally had an issue with traffic when coming into the venue so we knew it was going to be busy! We also noted the cars around us in the queue , the car in front being a 1980’s Audi 80 Quattro sport and the one behind us being a Nissan Silvia S14, so we could tell it was going to be a mixed bag!

The traffic to get in did unfortunately cause a few issues for some show goers. The road to get in was littered with “old” cars all with their bonnet up and hazards flashing due to overheating issues! It did make the queue slightly more bearable for those in it though, as we got to see some rare and exciting cars while we waited and crawled along!


The parking was split over two fields, “Retro Parking” for all pre-1991 cars and then the standard parking. We had a quick look around the standard parking and found a very nice Ferrari 355 convertible, and while we were walking through, we spotted a Mclaren P1! This pretty much set the tone for the rest of the day!

We walked in via the paddock where we found ourselves surrounded by such a variety of cars we didn’t really know where to start! There was a mildly modified AE86 Corolla, a ratty Vauxhall Nova Saloon, A big American hurst and lovely Porsche Carrera CS all waiting to take a run at the hill!


Out of the paddock, we entered into the “Retro Parking” area where this variety continued. Over 500 cars spanning the years in various states of modification and finish; there really was something for everyone.

Something that really did get a lot of attention was a red MK1 golf GTI. The front axle had been shortened giving the front wheels some serious tuck and the suspension had been highly modified to lower it to the ground without the need for air suspension. Powering it was a Mazda 13B Rotary Engine. If that wasn’t cool enough, the 13B was located in the boot!


The hill made for brilliant viewing if you could get near it. There were a huge number of spectators and this made viewing difficult, but with some perseverance we managed to get a space by the first corner. There were no classifications on the racing; it was a “run what you brung” style day so each session was very different to the last with a huge variety of car taking on the famous Shelsley Walsh hill.

With such huge numbers in attendance, the queue for the toilets, and the food and drink venders was a bit of a pain, they could have easily had double the venders on site, but that would be the only down side of the day!

Overall the show was fantastic and we have already decided that next year when we go back, we will be camping to be there early and get the most from the day!

Click here for more photos from the day


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