My top 10 of 2015: 1 of 4

We are well into 2016 and I have been spending my time either in the gym, trying to work off the extra minced pies, or spending my spare time focused on my #TwelveOfTwenty16 project and working. So I decided to take a break from that, and look back at my top 10 of 2015.



Early on in 2015, a good friend of mine picked up a new Ford Fiesta Zetec S ‘Red Edition’. These special edition Zetec S cars use the same 1.0l Eco Boost engines that are in the normal ZS, but the power has been upped to a very nippy 140bhp and benefit from slightly more sporty suspension, some nice grippy sports tyres from factory and many more nifty styling changes, including a nice contrasting set of black alloys and a black roof!

On the day he collected the car we arranged to meet up at the infamous EVO triangle in North Wales to put it through its paces. I went along in my 2002 Clio Sport 172 so we could make some comparisons!

It was a glorious day on the way over the welsh boarder but as we approached the EVO, the heavens opened and we got stuck in a blizzard of snow and hail. We decided to plod along anyway in the hope it would pass and it eventually did brighten up.

The roads unfortunately weren’t really ideal for putting the cars through their paces due to the ice, but the day wasn’t totally lost as the snow created some fantastic scenes to drive through and made for a beautifully moody and dramatic back drop.

The rest of the images from our trip can be found here



This picture might not look much, but the story behind it is still one of my highlights of the year. I was working away around the New Forest National Park and I took full advantage of a day off by visiting the historic Beaulieu Motor Museum.

On my arrival, the car park looked very full for a Thursday afternoon, and there seemed to be a lot of activity. After paying to get into the Museum I read the program I was given and to me pleasant surprise, Sir Stirling Moss and Legendary F1 Commentator Murry Walker were there opening a new display called A Chequered History.

I was politely asked not to take any photographs while they were there as they were being interviewed and I couldn’t get very close, but I could hear the two of them talking and taking a nostalgic look back at Sir Stirling’s glittering racing career and about some of the fantastic cars that were on show.

Once the press had all cleared out and ribbons cut, I was allowed entry into the display and I wasn’t disappointed. There were plenty of historic cars on show, including the fantastic Lotus 49 above driven by Graham Hill in the 1967 F1 season.

The rest of the photos from the day can be found here.



This photo was taken about halfway through 2015. I was asked to come along to a classic Audi Owners Club drive through Wales and to take a few photos of the day.

This lovely 1981 Audi GT Coupe really stood out for me. There were a number of lovely old cars out on the day, but this was in time warp condition! The owner kindly moved the car away from the rest of the group to get a few photos of it.

The lighting on the day fell perfectly and the back drop contrasted so well with the cars colour on the shingle beach. This was an easy one to pick for the top ten.

The rest of the pictures from the day can be found here

Part 2 of 4 can be found here.


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