My top 10 of 2015: 2 of 4

Part 2 of my top 10 photos from 2015 is here! Last week in part 1, I told you the stories behind three of my earliest photos. This post will pick up where the last one left off! We will start off with this shot of a good friend of mines daily driven MK1 Ford Focus RS.



I normally don’t take much notice of more modern cars, but on this occasion I had been pestering my friend to meet up for a while as the MK1 Focus RS isn’t a car you see on the road every day, most of them have become pampered garage queens with prices rising over the last few years. Eventually I managed to get my hands on the car and grab some photos of it in the process!

The photos were taken in the Vale of Belvoir not far from Belvoir castle in the Midlands. The weather was pleasant but the sky was very flat and overcast. This meant that a lot of photos came out with a very over exposed and blown out sky.

I had to spend a few hours in Lightroom to bring back some of the sky’s detail and recreate that dusky tint in the clouds and while I was at it I carried out some local adjustments to recapture some of the details around the car.

The rest of the photos from this shoot can be found here.


Quattro Home

Number 6 is another old Audi! This 1983 Audi 80 Quattro, when it’s finished at least, will also be getting a more in depth feature as one of the #TwelveOfTwenty16 cars in March.

The owner has owned a number of old Audis, including a couple of other 80 quattros. He has spent a lot of time and effort put this one back on the road from the stripped out rusty shell it had become over the years and it really shows in the level of finish. And the work hasn’t ended yet, he has a few plans for this for down the line, but we will come onto that later in the year.

This particular photo was taken in the Snowdonia National Park. I remember it being freezing cold and it had just stopped raining. We took the opportunity to pull over and get some photos before the rest of the convoy moved on to the next location on the drive. While I was taking this photo, the handbrake of a silver Audi 90 parked behind it, failed. The car started to role down the slop and the 80 was right in its path! I ditched the camera and found myself being the only thing holding the 90 on the hill. I was stood there for what felt like a lifetime, but it was probably more like a few second until the owner got in and reapply the handbrake!

The rest of the photos from this shoot can be found here.


BMW Coupe

This photo doesn’t really have a story as such, I just really like the composure and the way it came out! I was over at Anglesey Circuit as a spectator for the day, and wasn’t really there to take pictures. I was actually taking the opportunity to see a few friends who volunteer as pit crew for a Rally Cross Lotus Sunbeam team.

While they were busy working on the Sunbeam I took a little walk out to the track and decided to snap a few generic track photos. Out of the handful I took, this one really stood out to me. I think it really does show the picturesque side of Anglesey Circuit.

You can have a little bonus photo of the previously mentioned Lotus Sunbeam as well!

Sunbeam Slide

Part 3 and 4 will be from Goodwood FoS 2015.


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