MY TOP 10 OF 2015: 3 OF 4

Continuing the look back of my top 10 of 2015, this post and number four will both be from Goodwood Festival of Speed. This was a week that I won’t ever forget and I hope to return in a couple of years to re live it.

Mazda Sky

This photo is of the festivals centre piece. For the last 18 year at Goodwood FoS, spectators have been able to see impressive sculptures by the accomplished installation artist, Gerry Judah. And each year there is a different theme to the sculpture, with manufactures such as Jaguar, Porsche and Mercedes all taking centre stage in previous years.

At the 2015 show, Mazda took centre stage. Atop of the 40 meter sculpture sat two of their cars that captured the true motorsport spirit of Mazda. One of the cars was the infamous (and extremely loud!) bright orange and green 787B. This legendary car was the hero of the 1991 La Sarthe and the first, and only, Japanese car ever to win Le Mans out right.

The other is the Mazda LM55. This concept car is a modern day homage to the Le Mans winner sat next to it. The LM55 was a virtual concept car, made and designed purely for the Sony PlayStation video game series GrandTurismo, and a full scale model was made for this centre piece.

Not only did the sculpture feature two of Mazdas most iconic cars from the companies past and its future direction in Motorsport, but the whole thing incorporated the essence of Kodo Design, the design ethos of the current Mazda range. It looks simple. But closer inspection reveals a far more complex shape.

This years structure was such an imposing part of the festival that you could actually see it in the background of most of my photos from the week, including the next one!

More of my Goodwood FoS photos can be found here.


The car in this photo is one of those cars that you grow up looking at as a poster on your bedroom wall! The McLaren F1 here was part of the The Cartier ‘Style et Luxe’ concours d’élégance and featured as part of the 200mph club along side a selection of other early 90’s super cars including a stunning black Ferrari F40 and a Jaguar XJ220.

The Cartier Lawn always draws a crowd as it’s known to have some rare and collectable examples on show. This makes it really hard to capture a clean photograph of anything, lots of reflections and people walking into shot or casting shadows over everything!

This photo was both a combination of patiently sitting waiting for the frame to clear and eventually giving up and getting the help of a pair of security guards to stop people walking into shot while I got the photo! Stood behind me was a good 10-15 people all trying to replicate the photo on their smart phone! It is easily on of my favourite from the week!

More of my Goodwood FoS photos can be found here.

My Top 10 of 2015 concludes in post 4 of 4 soon!


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