Porsche 935 – RUF Flachbau

Anyone who reads my blog regularly will remember me posting up about a photo shoot I did over in Sheffield for John Holland Car Sales. I was there to get some photos of a very low mileage Ford Escort Cosworth and this distinctive Porsche 935 Flatnose or Flachbau as it’s also know.

The 935 originally appeared on the scene in 1976 and the Flatnose styling was developed for motorsports, proving to be a very capable car in the correct hands. During the next two seasons competing in the World Championship of Makes, the cars would go on to manage four victories in eight World Championship races and to also succeed at the 24 hours of Le Mans in 1979.


The popularity of the Flatnose was evident and the car got entered into other major endurance races, including Sebring, Daytona, and the 1000 km Nürburgring. However, Porsche started to get concerned that all these victories would start to put people off buying the conventional shape 911 and as a result, restricted their efforts in 1978 to a single entry at Le Mans.


The distinctive look of the Flatnose still held firm in people’s minds though, and in 1985 until early 1989, UK customers who were buying a 930 could spec their car in the style. This particular example was built and first registered in 1986 and was very well optioned from new featuring the distinctive Flatnose body shape.


The new owner wasn’t content on simply owning something that looked the part, they wanted it to drive like a fully-fledged Le Mans car too. The car was dispatched to RUF, the world renowned Porsche tuners. RUF are still to this day, the only recognised partner of Porsche and are also recognised by the German government as their own manufacturer!


While the car was as RUF, it was fitted with a BTR conversion (B= Group B spec, T= Turbo upgrade, R= RUF). The major changes consisted of a larger bore size, taking displacement from 3.3 litres to 3.4 litres, larger pistons and camshafts, a new intake manifold and exhaust system, a larger free flowing intercooler and topped off with a bigger KKK K27 Turbo Charger. There were other changes such as the new oil cooler being placed behind the RUF front spoiler and a modified block with more efficient air-cooling fins around the entire diameter of the bores to help keep temperatures down!


With all this extra power, the gear box also received an extra gear, taking the stock car from a manual 4 speed box to a 5 speed, and the shift linkages get overhauled, making them both lighter and shorter than the stock linkage.


RUF didn’t stop there either, after squeezing the extra power out they set about fine tuning the handling. The car was lowered and the suspension was set firmer than the standard car, wider fully forged single-piece wheels were then fitted in the form of 9×17 fronts a whopping 10×17 fitment in the rear


Inside, RUF then added some of the finer details that really made this rode car feel like the full spec racing car it now is. They changed the steering wheel for a smaller lighter item, their custom RUF gauges and a half cage. There is even a factory fitted Boost Controller in there!



This particular car has been kept feeling modem with the added bonus of the 996 GT3 Clubsport Recaro seats to really finish the interior off.


All this work created some hair raising statistics, the cars book figure was 375bhp and could reach 60mph from a standstill in 4.4 second. Not shy for a car from the late 80’s. I say the cars book figure was because the power this particular car makes now is somewhere in the region of 500bhp. The cars previous owner had spent the last 17 years enjoying the car and developing it even further with the help of his own company, a highly esteemed Porsche Specialist.


The car eventually sold at auction for £104,625 and is worth every penny.


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