1975 Porsche 911 2.7l MFI

A little while back I was given another shoot for Silverstone Auctions, it was of a lovely looking and exceptionally rare 1975 Porsche 911 2.7l MFI. Looking back now, I never really gave this car the spot light it deserved on my blog. But now it’s back up for sale at Nick Whale Sports Cars, so I can rectify that!


It was a Friday morning and I remember loading the car up with my camera gear as I chose to take my 1993 Mazda Eunos Roadster on this shoot as the weather was surprisingly good for October. The Porsche was situated in the heart of wales, so this was a great opportunity to have the roof off my car while enjoying some of the best roads Wales can offer.


Although the weather hadn’t deteriorated on the two hour drive down, there was a distinct sound of thunder in the air as I got closer to the meeting point. As I found myself climbing further and further up into some twisty Welsh hill roads, it got louder, but fortunately for me, it was coming from the RS-911 garage where I was meeting the owner, Mark.


As I pulled up onto his driveway, Mark had the car out of the garage and was giving it one last wash ready for us to take it out to get the photos, the six cylinder engine of the car rumbling away on idle while he warmed it up.


You can instantly tell this model Porsche apart from its older siblings as the G-Series chassis has some key changes. It was introduced into the range in 1974 and was built to keep Porsche in the US market, specifically designed to suit their stricter crash regulations. Compared to the older E and F-Series chassis, the floor pan was strengthened, the cars lighting was improved, and the biggest give away of all was the larger bumpers that were incorporated into the cars design.


Porsche also changed the engine for this generation of 911. The output was increased from 2.4l to 2.7l. This six cylinder MFI engine packs an impressive 210bhp. Underneath, the whole car is mechanically identical to the 1973 911 RS and it also benefited cosmetically from the RS as it inherited the RS wider rear wings and the same ducktail spoiler, it even weighed the same! It really is a rare and almost unique spec.


Without wanting to put too fine a point on the rarity, there were only 1,647 Euro-spec MFI Carrera coupes built in a three year run, and at last count only 48 right hand drives examples were still on the official register. However, only 21 were manufactured with a sunroof and not many of those came to the UK either!


While Mark finished off cleaning the car, I had a look through the service history and started to build up a bit of story. Turns out Mark had bought this car back in 2015 from the very Auctions it was going back to, Silverstone! He picked it up in the May Sale for a little over £146,000 and at the time the car needed a lot of work.

(Original Photos courtesy of Will Smith at Silverstone Auctions)

The car represented to Mark, an exciting restoration project. The car’s stunning Lime Green paint was all faded down to bare metal, it had been off the road since 2008 and there was visible rust on various parts of the body work. But Mark could see past all that and knew that with a lot of TLC there was a diamond to be found.


Looking further into the history folder, prior to being taken off the road the car had been looked after and meticulously maintained by the respected Porsche specialist Chris Best from Two-Plus-Two, with a total of six service stamps in the original service log and too many invoices to look through! To carry on that level of care, when Mark collected the car and got it home to his unit, the engine was removed and sent away to Tech 9 Motorsport, one of the North West of England’s more reputable Porsche Engine Specialists, for a full strip down and rebuild to be sure the last seven years being sat in storage didn’t hold any nasty surprises. It was clear that not a penny had been spared in returning this car to the road.


After a quick cup of tea, Mark and I were soon discussing best locations around the area to get some photos. Normally the clients are quite reluctant to drive the cars far. Case and point, that Ferrari 308 GTS V12 was shot on the owners driveway as he didn’t want to drive it anywhere!


But not Mark, he was keen to go for a drive, knowing it could well be his last chance to enjoy the car before it gets sold. Following the old Porsche in my little Mazda Eunos Roadster was one of those moments that I think most proper petrol heads would have relished.


Mark knew the roads like the back of his hands, despite the fact his car has an extra 2 cylinders and around 100bhp more than I did, we both enjoying the drive to our agreed location! The sound the 911 made as I tried to keep up down the twists and turns of the welsh roads and the smell of burning fuel was one of those experiences that reminded me why I got into this line of work in the first place.


Our chosen location was the Clywedog Reservoir, a stunning location on a clear day that provided a picturesque back drop. We first drove to the top of the Reservoir to get some photos looking down towards the dam and out over the hills. Once we had finished here we took the short drive down the road to one of the lower points to get a few looking out over the reservoir.


When I finally started to point my camera at the car, I started to really notice and appreciate the lever of craftsmanship Mark had put into this restoration. Little details such as the original windscreen transfers still being present after 42 years, and the level of work he had gone to with the aim of keeping as much of the original paint and engine bay stickers as he could while blending in the new. You’d never know the previous condition and think the whole car was how it left the factory, having lead a pampered life. The interior was so clean as well, it was like it had never been used.


Within an hour, I’d got all the shots I needed, and it was time to stop having so much fun and get back home to start picking my way through them all. Part of me was hoping the memory card had corrupted so I would have to re-visit and shoot the car again.


If you fancy buying it, you can view the new advert here on Nick Whale Sports Cars website. But be prepared to need deep pockets. It’s listed at a very firm £239,999.




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